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CST™ 280

Durable yet lightweight Stick/TIG welding power source designed for construction industry. 280 amps of output is ideal for stick electrodes up to 3/16 in and TIG welding pipe and plate.

Miller Stick Welders  CST™ 280 Product Literature (PDF)

Miller Stick Welders - CST™ 280

Stick Welders - CST™ 280
Easy voltage changeover between voltage ranges through a two-position manual switch. Conveniently located on the rear panel, it simplifies voltage change in racks.

Simple to operate with a process selector knob which automatically sets the proper dig setting on E6010 and E7018 electrodes providing superior stick performance.

Lift-Arc™ start provides arc starting without the use of high frequency.

Fan-On-Demand™ cooling system operates only when needed providing power efficiency and noise reduction.

Stand-alone or rack-mounted for construction sites. Optional 4-pack racks, commonly used in construction and shipyards, are available for multiple operator applications . All controls including the power switch are located on front of the machine for easy access.

Compatible with Wireless Remote Controls.
Improve productivity, eliminate clutter and cord tangles in the work area. Eliminate cord failure and associated downtime/repair costs and extend the operator's welding range without adding cord extensions.

Remote amperage control provided through 14-pin receptacle on front of the machine. This permits use of standard amperage control devices.

Tweco- or Dinse-style connectors available. The Dinse-style includes one set of male connectors: the Tweco-style does not.

Adaptive Hot Start™ for Stick
Automatically increases output amperage at the start of a weld should the start require it and prevents the electrode from sticking and creating an inclusion.





  • Stick (SMAW)
  • TIG (GTAW)

  • Applications

    Industrial Applications

  • Power Plant Construction
  • Petrochemical Construction
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Shipbuilding

  • Specifications

    Input Power

  • Requires 3- or 1-Phase Power
  • Rated Output

  • 3 ph: 280A @ 31.2V, 35% duty cycle
  • 3 ph: 200A @ 28V, 100% duty cycle
  • 1 ph: 200A @ 28V, 50% duty cycle
  • 1 ph: 150A @ 26V, 100% duty cycle
  • Welding Amperage Range

    • 5- 200 Amps- 1 phase
    • 5- 280 Amps- 3 phase

    Net Weight

  • 41 lb (18.6 kg)

  • Models Available

  • CST RACKS: Optional 4-pack racks are available
        for multiple operator applications.

  • Comes Complete With

  • Power Source
  • 6 ft power cable
  • Dinse Style machines include male connectors.
  • Note: Tweco-style machines do not include
        the male connectors.
  • Welding Machine