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Our company has long experience in designing and installing automation systems, so AMRs robot is another option that we propose to maximize the efficiency of delivery among industrial factories. We can design the robot and module sets for robots to fulfill customers' desires, along with designing and installing automation systems in factories, as a one stop service.

AMRs Module


Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), FACoBOT, by Lertvilai and Sons co. ltd has been developed to support various operations inside the building, The tools at its top part (or module) can be changed to suit specific operations, which you can either design your own module or send the specific request to us to design for you.


Various applications to support your needs


FACOBOT's AMRs Robot has many module samples for each operation.For example, Picky Back Module, Cart Towing Module, Food/Medicine Dispensing Module, Conveyor Module, UV Disinfection Module, Pallet Life Module, and Robot Module, which we can suggest and provide the data for you to select the most suitable AMRs Robot for your requirement.




AMR Picky Back Module



is the module for moving storage boxes inside the warehouse, which can move a maximum of 6 boxes at once. The size of the moved boxes must be the same size and weight not exceed 20 kilograms. They must also be the size that the AMR Picky Back Module supports.



AMR Cart Towing Module


is the module for pulling or moving heavy goods between warehouse and the production line. The user can set the direction of its movement and the point where the goods will be delivered. This module can pull a maximum weight of 400 kilograms when used with FACoBOT model AMR200 and a maximum weight of 750 kilograms when used with FACoBOT model AMR500. 



AMR Food/Medicine Dispensing Module


is the module for receiving and delivering food, medicine inside the hospital during a COVID-19 pandemic. This module can hold up to 15 trays of foods and medicines (1 storage unit is 20x20x6 centimeters in size) and has a QR Code system to identify patients which make food and medicine delivery safer. Details about the foods and robot operation status will be displayed on the module's LCD for patient and staff convenience. 



AMR Conveyor Module


is the module for automatically moving goods from a conveyor, can support a maximum weight of 50 kilograms of objects, and the user can set the direction of its movement and the point where the goods will be delivered. This module is compatible with FACOBOT model AMR200. 



AMR UV Disinfection Module


is the module thats designed for disinfecting bacteria inside the room or building, can provide UV-C light to disinfect bacteria in every direction, and has 4-5 hour periods of use. It comes with direction calculation software to effectively disinfect all the space in a room or building.



AMR Pallet Lift Module


is the module for moving pallets between pallet stands and stations. It is appropriate for moving goods that have already been arranged on pallets in a manufacturing station or storage facility.Pallet Lift Module can support a maximum weight of 500 kilograms and is compatible with FACOBOT model AMR500. 



AMR Cobot Module


is a safe mechanical arm module that can operate with humans. Set on AMR to help move objects that require flexibility to grab, operate with 3D camera to help set the coordinates for correct and precise grabbing. 







Specifications & Dimension

Product Model:                                                   AMR500

Base Dimension (WxLxH)                             791 x 1085 x 286 mm
Weight including Battery                               145 kg
Robot Payload                                                      500 kg

Towing Capacity                                                  800 kg

Maximum Speed                                                 1.17 m/s

Acceleration limits with payload                    1 m/s^2

Running Time (Maximum payload)               6-8 hr.

Charging Time                                                    3.30 hr.

Maimum incline                                                  5% (2.86 Degree)


  • We are the first in-house production team that is certified by FIBO
  • Fast manufacturing for customers' specific requirements and always ready for urgent requests
  • Has full engineering and technical services.
  • Provide outstanding technical efficiency.